Construction Management & Inspection

Mbroh is ready to serve as your boots-on-the-ground representative to keep your project on schedule and provide high quality results. Our staff are well versed in all construction aspects – whether it’s our engineers preparing projects for functional construction or our resident inspectors overseeing construction onsite for timely completion of a satisfactory project. Mbroh acts as your on-site representative to guide projects to completion from project analysis and vendor selection consultation to assistance with contract negotiations, review of submittal drawings, construction oversight, test witnessing, and payment approvals.

Mbroh’s on-site team of resident inspectors provides daily oversight and dedication to accurate construction and timely delivery of our clients’ work. We serve as your advocate and representative, combining detailed technical knowledge and experience with a commitment to meeting your needs. Day-in and day-out, Mbroh’s on-site resident inspectors provide the presence and oversight to guide projects to completion.

Our capabilities Include:


  • Record Drawing Preparation
  • Document Preparation
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual Preparation

Quality Assurance

  • RFI Review
  • Submission Review
  • Construction Progress Monitoring
  • Documentation Review
  • Factory and Field Test Witnessing
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual Review

On-Site Representation & Inspection

  • Construction Progress Monitoring
  • Factory and Field Test Witnessing
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

We’ll put all this and more to work for you and provide:

  • Potential vendor evaluation
  • Streamlined construction schedule and activities
  • Minimized hazards and improved safety
  • Increased satisfaction of contractual deliverables
  • Operational quality checks
  • Safety inspections
  • Quality results


  • Daily construction reports
  • Submittal Review
  • RFI Review
  • Documentation and O&M Manual Preparation and/or Review
  • Preparation of Record Drawings

Coordination with Municipal Infrastructure & Local Power Company Teams

  • Review and compliance

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