Mbroh’s transportation expertise covers a vast understanding of rules and regulations for the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) programs and projects, in addition to municipal, state and federal procurement practices for state Department of Transportations (DOTs) and local governments. This unique combination allows our team to provide mobility solutions to clients on complex transportation projects/programs and teaming partners as a supplement to their overall staffing effort.

Mbroh’s transportation team is led by a certified transportation/transit specialist with over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry who served as the Division Manager for the State of Oklahoma’s Office of Mobility and Public Transit. Additionally, our staff has an established background with state DOT projects with proven results with program outcomes, and our licensed engineers provide innovated transportation solutions for state and municipal roadway and rail design efforts.

Our capabilities Include:

Federal Transit Administration Program Management Services

  • FTA Section 5311, 5303, 5304, 5305, 5307, 5310 and 5339
  • Transit Agency Technical Assistance on Behalf of State DOT
  • National Transit Data Base (NTD) and Relevant FTA Report Development
  • Drug and Alcohol Program Management and Oversight
  • Program Plans and Manual Developments Assistance (i.e. State Management Plans, Program Application Documents, Transit Plans, Transit Asset Management Plans, etc.)

Federal Transit Administration Program Management Services (cont.)

  • Public Engagement Outreach
  • Capital Project Assistance
  • Turnkey Grant/Program Management Services
  • FTA Triennial/State Management Review Preparation Assistance
  • Subrecipient Compliance Monitoring Support
  • Contract Administration

FTA State Safety Oversight Program

  • Certified FTA Section 5329 Program Management Services

FHWA Surface Transportation Block Grant Program

  • Alternative Transportation projects such as safe routes to school, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, community enhancement/landscape projects, recreational trails, and historical train depot/state welcome center rehabilitation

We’ll put all this and more to work for you and provide:

  • Personal interactions with senior-level engineers and leadership from the very beginning of your transportation project
  • Management of multi-disciplinary teams including engineers, planners, transit and fixed guideway project designers to accomplish intermodal transportation goals for timely, compliant delivery of transportation efforts within budget
  • Successful collaboration with federal, state, municipal and county stakeholders to maintain regulatory compliance and advance projects to completion
  • Development of federally funded programs to obtain and continue statewide funding of transportation/transit projects

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