The Mbroh team consists of highly technical professionals in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) programming and integration. Whether your network is already in operation or in the planning stages, we design and integrate SCADA as part of your overall network, in addition to providing startup assistance and ongoing maintenance and support.

User proficiency is often the difference between a successful project and an unused tool. To provide the results that our clients expect, Mbroh provides training for management, engineers, operators, and maintenance staff so that each individual can access information, leverage automation, and use the system effectively.

As a specific component of SCADA design services, Mbroh provides security design solutions that are unique and comprehensive, selected according to our clients’ virtual software and physical surveillance needs. Our expertise ranges from new construction to complex additions and renovations, plus the ongoing operations and security required during project construction and maintaining secure perimeters of the client’s facility.

Our capabilities include:

Overall Services: 

  • PLC Programming
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • HMI Configuration
  • OIT Configuration/Programming
  • Data Historian and Database Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • Data Collection Software and System Configuration
  • Reporting Configuration
  • Data Integration with Other Organization Systems
  • Manual-to-Software Conversion of Data Collection to Increase Accuracy
  • PC-Based Computer Systems
  • Local Area Networks
  • Radio Telemetry Systems
  • Information Management Systems
  • User Training
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Ongoing Support

System Design & Integration

  • Remote Monitoring and Automation of All Processes, such as:
    • Water Treatment
    • Wells
    • Pressure and Level Applications
    • Meter Stations
    • Power Monitoring
    • Pumps and Compressors
    • Tanks
    • Reservoirs
    • Truck/Rail Loading

Security Design Services

  • Secure Facility Operation and Conformance with Requirements and Regulations
  • Access Control Hardware and Software
  • Security Management System
  • Smart Integrated Technologies
  • Video Surveillance
  • Electronic Key Management
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Security Alarms and Communication Systems
  • Emergency Notification Devices
  • Control Room Design
  • Cyber Risk Evaluation

We’ll put all this and more to work for you and provide:

Infrastructure Evaluation

  • Identify upgrades needed for greater cost efficiency, automation, monitoring and overall performance of:
    • Equipment
    • Critical systems
    • Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) architecture


  • All phases of planning, design, construction management, programming and integration

Custom Software Coding & Programming

  • Automated systems
  • Logic controls

Coordination with Infrastructure & Local Power Utility Teams

  • Review compliance with communication, encryption, system monitoring & redundancy

Contract Management Services

  • Quality control and compliance

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