Industries served

At Mbroh, we earned our stripes in the water and wastewater treatment industries, providing sophisticated, customized electrical engineering solutions for the operation and safety of local communities. But our expertise doesn’t stop there.

Anything that has power requires our services – Mbroh’s power solutions reach every element of facility operations and functionality. Our skills are fundamental to the safe, reliable and efficient operation of commercial campuses and industrial facilities, public utilities, data centers, airports, seaports, and rapid transit systems.

Whether your project is new construction or you need to upgrade your electrical infrastructure for greater efficiency, reliability or compliance, Mbroh is ready to help make your operation a powerhouse in the industry.

Our services extend to many facets of facility operations:

  • Power generation and distribution
  • Instrumentation & Controls (I&C)
  • Continual IT monitoring
  • Communication
  • Controlled security
  • Indoor & outdoor plumbing systems
  • Commercial mechanical and HVAC systems
  • Complex electrical operations
  • Street lighting
  • Access road construction oversight
  • Rapid transit rail system design and overall transit layouts
  • Natural gas processing and separation facilities
  • Crude and CO2 pumping stations

Water and Wastewater

Our treatment plant services extend to nearly every element within a client’s operations. Mbroh’s team of senior-level professionals are thorough in evaluation of each plant and associated components such as motors/pumps, discrete and analog modulating valves, electrical room layout, transformers, switchgears, AFD, MCC, and PLC cabinets. The benefit of Mbroh’s services lies in our team’s unique understanding of electrical, Instrumentation & Controls (I&C), SCADA and automation, and security controls that must all function together for a fully successful and operational facility.

Our solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants are plentiful – new system design and modernization of existing systems to increase reliability and redundancy, provide controlled security and continual IT monitoring, and automate operations for system-wide functionality across numerous plants and pump stations.


Within multi-building commercial complexes containing large infrastructure systems, Mbroh provides Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) design services to keep systems powered and running smoothly. These include mechanical systems for HVAC and ventilation needs, electrical engineering solutions for entire complexes plus automation and I&C to program and promote the flow of data infrastructure capabilities.


Industrial plants operate within a controlled setting with highly technical systems and equipment. Mbroh’s engineers apply their skill set to automating systems and selecting equipment catered to the specialized operation of each industrial facility. As an example, Mbroh provided electrical engineering for a treatment plant located at Proctor & Gamble in Sherman, Texas. Our team provided valve and controller automation equipment for the facility’s operations in a controlled-room environment for monitoring product dispersion.


For port facilities, Mbroh’s electrical engineering and security design experience aims to provide power operations while maintaining redundant electrical systems, controlled security and continual IT monitoring.

Rapid Transit

Mbroh’s electrical engineering services have extended to rapid transit systems as we find an increasing number of alternate transportation systems within urban areas. Our team designs rail systems within the overall transit layout and develops a plan to power rail lines. Further, Mbroh’s electrical engineering also extends to the design of traditional street lighting and new, modern approaches for energy efficiency and functionality.


Mbroh’s engineering offering for airport projects includes Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) design within terminals as airports renovate and modernized their existing facilities. In addition, Mbroh’s specialized set of electrical engineering services provides system upgrades for power, lighting and security needed within terminal complexes.

Mbroh’s services also extend to water and wastewater treatment systems operated within airport complexes, with our team providing electrical engineering, I&C, SCADA and automation, and construction management services.

Oil & Gas

Mbroh’s design solutions are fundamental to the safe, reliable and efficient operation of oil & gas facilities. Whether new construction or an upgrade for greater efficiency, reliability or compliance, Mbroh’s expertise extends to natural gas processing and separation facilities, compressor stations, metering stations, power generation facilities, crude and CO2 pumping stations, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) and liquids delivery and storage, intermodal facilities, and tank batteries.


We possess a diverse range of experience in electrical, instrumentation, process controls, SCADA, network communication, security, and IT infrastructure that extends to the Federal Sector. We are a small, minority-owned engineering consulting firm with the stability, resources and technical expertise to lead as a prime consultant or successfully complement additional pursuits as a subconsultant teaming partner.