Instrumentation & Controls Engineering

Our Instrumentation & Controls Engineering experience ranges from the design of conventional field instrumentation to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) programming and integration.

While building on the latest technology, we check that your system meets existing process, business, and scalability needs. We’ll customize software for your operation by tailoring process graphics, user interfaces, databases, control strategies and reports. We also incorporate equipment and software training to help your team manage the system before project completion. Whatever your requirements or preferences, Mbroh’s depth and breadth of experience enables our team to anticipate and resolve questions before they impact schedule, budget or quality.

Our design team specializes in I&C for water, wastewater, commercial, industrial, petroleum, transportation, and power generation processes. Whether integrated with a complete SCADA and process control system or planned as a standalone system, you can count on Mbroh to design a telecommunication network that’s cost effective, robust and reliable. Our expertise also includes integrated voice, video and data communication; LANs, WANs, fiber optic and microwave radio transmission systems; MAS and packet radio; satellite; and license applications.

We Dial into System Security for Ease of Monitoring and Heightened Protection

Mbroh’s services also extend to the security of plant operations – both physical protocols and cybersecurity recommendations. Network enhancements for software and control systems used to remotely monitor and manage municipal water system go beyond basic software systems – Mbroh’s customized approach is unique and offers an increased focus on training, awareness and cybersecurity protocols. This includes American Water Works Association (AWWA) security assessments for risk, resilience and emergency response plans. All of this results in additional protection for municipal drinking water systems.

Our staff’s expertise in physical and cyber security provides a unique offering to municipal facilities. Senior Project Manager Roger Williamson, PE, and Shannon Looper, Controls Specialist, offer perspective:

“More than just security related to the safety and accessibility of physical media and persons who could enter water plant sites, we are also addressing security requests from a cyber perspective,” noted Roger. “Cybersecurity for Instrumentation and SCADA systems that operate on multiple networks follow specific standards but now face increased assessments to determine and reduce vulnerabilities to water plant operations and associated distribution lines to our communities,” added Shannon.

By addressing measures that safeguard physical access and network vulnerability, these combined security services provide water operators with continued ease of operation plus protection from outside vulnerabilities – all resulting in an interwoven critical infrastructure that is more secure.

Our capabilities Include:

Component Design

  • Field/Process Instrumentation
  • Control Panel Design
  • PLC/RTU/HMI Design
  • Network Design
  • Fiber Optic Backbone Design
  • Microwave Radio Systems
  • Radio Towers and Antennas
  • Licensed/Unlicensed Radio


  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) Development
  • PLC/RTU/HMI Programming

Construction Services

  • Submittal Review
  • RFI Review
  • Construction Progress Monitoring
  • Factory and Field Test Witnessing
  • Documentation and O&M Manual Preparation and/or Review
  • Preparation of Record Drawings

Quality Assurance

  • Control Strategy Description
  • Process Control System Standards

Cyber/SCADA Vulnerability Assessments

  • Internal and External Network Vulnerability Testing
  • SCADA Testing
  • Network Security Policy Review

System Design for Security

  • Security Master Planning / Program Management
  • Enterprise-Wide Security Policy Development
  • Network Security Architecture Design
  • Access Control Policy Development

Vulnerability Remediation

  • Security Systems Configuration and Deployment
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Network Segmentation Limiting Access to Mission Critical Networks
  • Recommendations on Proven Network Equipment and Implementation

Cybersecurity Maintenance

  • Network Hardware Software Patching/Updates
  • Network Vulnerability Testing and Remediation
  • On-Call Network Consulting and Support

We’ll put all this and more to work for you and provide:

Evaluation, Analysis & Design

  • Update aging and/or compromised equipment and systems

Improvement Recommendations

  • Improve efficiency and performance
  • Minimize hazards and improve safety

Instrumentation Design

  • Replace deteriorating equipment
  • Enhance efficiency, control and monitoring capabilities
  • Ensure uninterrupted plant operations
  • Improve safety, reliability, redundancy and maintainability
  • Streamline future expansions

Coordination with Municipal Infrastructure & Local Power Company Teams

  • Licensing application assistance
  • Compliance assurance

Design & Engineering

  • Electrical & Mechanical instrumentation
  • Instrumentation Housings

On-Site Representation

  • Preparation of daily reports, operational quality checks & safety inspections

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