Mbroh Announces TxDOT Pre-certifications

Mbroh’s first quarter of 2024 has been busy! We are excited to announce that Mbroh is officially registered to do business with TxDOT, and our list of staff pre-certifications continues to grow! Our staff of professional engineers are precertified in the following categories with more pre-certifications in the works:

01.01.01 – Policy Planning
04.02.01 – Roadway Design
07.01.01 – Traffic Engineering Studies​
07.03.01 – Traffic Signal Timing
08.01.01 – Signing, Pavement Marking, and Channelization​
08.02.01 – Illumination
08.03.01 – Signalization
10.04.02 – Pump Stations Electrical
17.04.01 – Electrical Engineering

We’re ready to provide our exceptional engineering services in Policy Planning, Traffic Engineering Studies, Illumination, and myriad other services to your team for TxDOT pursuits. If you’d like more information on our qualifications and how Mbroh can supplement your teaming resources, contact us!