Mbroh Engineers Interviewed by Houston’s Office of Business Opportunity

Recently, the City of Houston’s Office of Business Opportunity interviewed Mbroh’s Houston engineering team members Efram Fuller and Corey Rosenthal, who shared insights of the company’s project work in Houston and teaming as a successful business partner.

The interview shares highlights of Houston’s major water expansion program. Since 2016, Mbroh has been a key service provider in the City’s multi-year effort to expand surface water supplies. The project continues today with Mbroh providing services on all three associated engineering efforts: Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion, Surface Water Supply Project, and Luce Bayou Project.

To view the full interview and hear insights from the team, visit the City of Houston’s website.

In support of the City’s multi-year construction efforts to increase surface water capacity, Mbroh is providing professional services on three key projects:

  • Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP) Expansion Project – This $1.77B expansion is considered the largest progressive design-build project of its kind underway in the United States. Mbroh is providing electrical design and SCADA programming services for the entire project.
  • Surface Water Supply Project (SWSP) – This project includes a 108-inch transmission pipeline to move treated water 17 miles along the Sam Houston Parkway from the completed NEWPP to the City’s Acres Homes Pump Station. Treated water will also be pumped from the NEWPP into fast-growing Fort Bend County. Mbroh is providing electrical and I&C design along the pipeline to the various pump stations.
  • Luce Bayou Project (LBP) – This project provides water to the growing Houston suburbs and the San Jacinto River Basin by pumping it from the Trinity River through the Luce Bayou. Specifically, a pump station was constructed at Capers Ridge near Dayton, Texas. Mbroh provided electrical and I&C Design at the Caper’s Ridge Pump Station.

For more information on this multi-billion-dollar water expansion program, visit our portfolio of work.