Automation Upgrade

Client: Branch Energy Partners

Location: Sherman, Texas

Cost: Less than $5M

Service Category: SCADA & Automation

The scope of the project was to integrate Wonderware applications running each site into a single application, then modify the application to take advantage of two new 65” monitors in the operations control room. Next, Mbroh implemented an InSight web-based application that displays production data for plant personnel and dashboards for management. Finally, we updated an instance of Historian in the East Texas plant to serve as the primary data historian of the entire system.

Merging InTouch applications requires examining applications for duplications between applications. If there are duplicate tagnames, alarm groups, scripts, etc., these all need to be made unique before merging the applications. Also, the screen navigation, alarm, and history displays must be redesigned into an integrated application.

  • Modifying the merged application to display on two 65” UHD monitors required adjusting the individual windows, navigation, and configuration of the operating system and display card.
  • Implementing the InSight platform required collecting data from report spreadsheets and calculations and tags in InTouch. With input from managers, dashboards were designed to provide insight into KPIs.
  • The Historian was upgraded to the current release version, then the merged application was examined to determine what data needed to be stored and appropriate tags were imported.

Mbroh provided consulting and programming services for AVEVA Wonderware products, for which we have deep expertise.

Branch Energy Partners is a midstream natural gas company. They have a primary plant in Sherman, Texas and have recently acquired two other facilities: one in East Texas and the other in Southern Oklahoma.