Bois d’Arc – Creek Reservoir Pump Station

Client: North Texas Municipal Water District

Location: Leonard, Texas

Cost: $50-250M

Service Category: Construction Management & Inspection

The construction and development of the Bois d’Arc lake will require an earthen dam to block the flow of water from several creeks that will flow into the reservoir. During construction, the creek will be diverted around the earthen dam area. A 110-foot-tall concrete intake tower and pump station will push water from the lake through 35 miles of pipeline to a new treatment plant in Leonard.

Mbroh’s role is to provide resident inspector services for all electrical and SCADA components associated with the pump station. Tasks include preparing daily construction reports with documentation of on-site observations and tracking corrections of defective work using the District’s standard forms. The team is also reviewing quality related documents provided by the Contractor such as test reports, equipment installation reports and required construction contract documents. In addition, Mbroh’s inspectors will assist with project completion activities and observe completed construction conditions for general conformance with the design concept, followed by preparation of a deficiencies list for contractor correction prior to final payment.

The Bois d’Arc Lake Water Supply Program, a monumental effort between dozens of firms across Texas, has received numerous industry accolades.