DWU Wastewater Facilities Safety and Security Project

Client: Dallas Water Utilities

Location: Dallas, Texas

Cost: $6M

Service Category: Electrical, SCADA, Instrumentation & Controls

Implementation of consistent security measures and workforce interface designs now provide operators with seamless access to site views, building views and status. In the event of a security issue, DWU staff can utilize a user-friendly graphical user interface that includes map (plan view) screens for sites and buildings with clickable links from/to the site and building views. 

Mbroh’s Instrumentation & Controls Engineering Manager, Roger Williamson, PE, co-presented this project with Dallas Water Utilities at Texas Water 2024.


Throughout the project, the Mbroh Team also developed numerous innovations to assess and organize a multitude of data associated with the project. To establish consistency of documentation, labeling, wire numbering, and ease of communication, a new drawing numbering system was implemented. The team developed an organization system for device lists that included an Access Control Device List and Video Device List to track new/existing equipment, tag names, vendor part numbers, and special notes assigned to specified parts in the project. This resulting list gave the team a quick reference for installed equipment and corresponding part numbers. For consistency of documentation, labeling, wire numbering, operator screens, and ease of communications, the team implemented a new security device tag numbering system that includes the site, building number, equipment type, and sequence number. This system is also useful when remote centralized monitoring is implemented to keep track of security events at multiple sites. To allow for intuitive navigation, links to live and historical camera video, and local and future city-wide alarm notifications, the team developed video and access control workstation interfaces that include site maps and building plan views. This coordinated interface design was intended to offer the quickest security forensics and response to an event.

Mbroh provided physical security improvements at five DWU locations, including improvements to security cameras, card readers, access controllers, servers, workstations, and networking. As the prime consultant, Mbroh managed a team of five sub-consultant firms to supply technical memorandum reports, client workshops, final design drawings and specifications. Mbroh coordinated designs to meet City and NIST security standards.