Kennedale Balancing Reservoir (KBR) Expansion

Client: Tarrant Regional Water District

Location: Kennedale, Texas

Cost: $10-$20M

Service Category: Electrical Engineering; Instrumentation & Controls Engineering

Kennedale Balancing Reservoir (KBR) is an existing two-cell reservoir, each with a volume of 154 MG. This expansion project added a third cell with a volume of 150 MG. A new pipeline Section 1C was added between KBR and the Lake Arlington Outlet Structure (AO1) to test concepts and methodology for the Integrated Pipeline.

Mbroh was responsible for providing a preliminary engineering report identifying power distribution requirements and coordination to confirm that the power company’s obligations would be met for the design. The design included providing additional power to the site, developing valve control schematics, and providing required duct banks for connecting the power source to lighting, cameras, butterfly valves, and any other electrical components associated with the reservoir. Mbroh was also responsible for providing remote monitoring and controls capability of valves and vaults. The design was based on motor operated valves and vaults near the KBR and AO1 sites.

Coordination with the local power utility for connecting power source to lighting, cameras, pumps and any other electrical components associated with the reservoir