City-Wide Automation Improvements for Water Plant Sites

Client: City of Houston

Cost: $5-$10M

Service Category: SCADA & Automation

The City of Houston launched a city-wide initiative in 2008 to use wireless technology for City services, replacing expensive T1 lines and antiquated line-up SCADA communication with a high-speed wireless municipal network. As a result, base towers have been strategically deployed to provide coverage throughout the City.

Mbroh served as prime consultant for all phases of planning, design, and construction services, as well as integration programming. The team assisted the City’s IT Department and established a standardized approach for back-up communication of the WiMax network using a secured encrypt network switch and a Verizon card to automatically detect loss of WiMax communication and subsequently switch to cellular communication.

This project is also part of the City’s automation improvements for various plant and equipment sites and involved WiMax SCADA communication for water distribution pressures, city-wide corrosion protection systems, and Kingwood water plant sites.

Served as prime consultant for all phases of planning, design and construction services, as well as integration programming services

Included an assessment of City’s WiMax infrastructure effectiveness to achieve a standardized, cost-effective approach

City-Wide Corrosion Protection System allowed for automation and monitoring of hundreds of corrosion readings with results transmitted to the SCADA system

Hardware and software improvements at Kingwood Water Plant Sites eliminated dialup telephone lines by utilizing the City’s WiMax system for remote site communications