MC-5&6 Phase 2A Meter Station

Client: Trinity River Authority

Location: Dallas, Texas

Cost: $5M-$10M

Service Category: Electrical Engineering; Instrumentation & Controls Engineering; SCADA & Automation

This project involved the electrical and instrumentation design for a new TRA MC-5&6 Phase 2A – Meter Station 5.1M. Meter Station 5.1M was constructed adjacent to an existing meter station (MS 5.1M). MS 5.1M remained in service until the new meter station was activated. The Mbroh team diverted the full flow into the new parallel interceptor; MS 5.1M will be decommissioned and abandoned in place. Mbroh provided the design for an electrical feed duct bank from the existing drop pole to the new meter station site and coordinated to ensure power was maintained at the existing meter station during construction until the new meter station was fully operational. Metering flow, designed for a triple barrel inverted siphon magnetic (mag meter) flow meter station, provided optimum accuracy. The mag meters that was well grounded and powered in a deep vault, a duplex sump pump system to keep the vault dry, including control panels mounted above grade inside a secure fence enclosure, site lighting, and metering telemetry design that complied with TRA’s Metering Telemetry Design Guide Documents developed by CDM Smith.


This project is an additional task order to the MC 5 & 6, Phase 2A project. It consisted of the electrical and instrumentation design of a new TRA meter station that complies with TRA’s Wholesale Wastewater Meter Station Design Guidance Manual issued January 31, 2013. Meter Station 5.0J is a new meter station.