DCRWS Heat Tracing & Insulation

Client: Trinity River Authority

Location: Dallas, Texas

Service Category: Instrumentation & Controls Engineering; SCADA & Automation

Mbroh assessed the existing heat tracing and insulation systems and verified, if appropriate, their effectiveness with field tests and operational demonstrations. The assessment was used to develop electrical and I&C recommendations for modifications, upgrades, replacements, and/or additions to the heat tracing and insulation systems.

The team developed an Opinion of Probable Construction Cost (OPCC) for instrumentation and control-related work. Mbroh’s work included preparing design plans for all required SCADA components and devices. The design included the development of Process and Instrumentation Diagrams for the heat tracing system improvements and the development of control system architecture, which defined overall monitoring and control strategy by programmable logic controllers (PLCs), all integrated into the existing plant SCADA system. The final design was per the Trinity River Authority of Texas’ Design and Construction Guidelines. The scope consisted of an assessment of existing heat tracing and insulation summarized with a preliminary findings report and design services focusing on integration with the SCADA system to include updated HMI descriptions of heat trace minicontig.