Water Distribution System Energy and Water Quality Management System Study

Client: City of Austin

Location: Austin, Texas

Cost: N/A

Service Category: Electrical Engineering; Instrumentation & Controls Engineering

This project was a key component in the City of Austin’s steps toward “carbon neutral” municipal activities by 2020 as outlined in the Austin Climate Protection Plan. The feasibility of implementing an Energy and Water Quality Management System (EWQMS) will increase the operating efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint for the City’s Water Distribution System.

As part of these efforts, Mbroh evaluated the Utility’s existing I&C and SCADA infrastructure and provided recommendations for energy savings by optimizing the water transmission and distribution network’s pumping times. Mbroh’s professional services included an assessment at 19 pump station to determine I/O upgrade needs for the EWQMS and cost/benefit analysis of the proposed improvements for the feasibility report.

Updated I/O database for pump station and reservoir sites

Prepared equipment inventory